Looking for professionals who would be able to record a ~5 minute video podcast or narrated screencast (w/slides or visuals) about any aspect of web design for my undergraduate summer course. As this is an intro class, topics to discuss might include:

  • Who I am / what I do / where I work / what my title is (as a web professional)
  • What is web design? (defined by you, the professional)
  • What is user experience / usability?
  • What is the web design process you use?
  • What does it mean to design?

It can be very informal! It can be “first take”. It doesn’t have to be super polished. Imagine someone walked up to you at a conference and you spoke to them for ~5 minutes.

So far I have one video from Tobias Komiscke, Senior Director of Design at Infragistics with an introduction to “what is user experience”.

All these videos would be open source, CC, etc. – not restricted in any way by being incorporated into my course.

Thank you all!